Region Arnhem Nijmegen best circular region of Netherlands

The region of Arnhem - Nijmegen has been named the best circular region of Netherlands. While BT Event in Rijswijk today, said jury chairman Cees-Jan Pen and Petran Heel ABN AMRO winners of the titles Best Circular Circular Region and Best Work location known.

The winning region and work were determined to fifty percent by public vote. The jury determined the remaining fifty percent, with the criteria topics circularity in vision, interaction with the environment, shared facilities, biodiversity and well-being and health. The region of Arnhem - Nijmegen scored high. IPKW industrial site was nominated for Best Work Location Circular and finished in the top three. Winner in this category is the Utrecht Werkspoor Quarter.

The jury praised the concrete initiatives, collaboration, business climate and circularity seen as a revenue. “The region has the jury believe that being a leader really comes true. The Arnhem region – Nijmegen is a real pioneer in the field of circular economy. Sustainability seems to be in the DNA region ", judge jury.

circular power

In no other region in the Netherlands strengthen economic strength, urban dynamics and a green environment together in such a clear manner in the region of Arnhem - Nijmegen. We are working hard to scale up circular activities in the region. The Urban Investment Network Arnhem Nijmegen in 2017 Founded by the province of Gelderland, together with municipalities of Arnhem and Nijmegen will co-finance sustainable projects.

The region is increasingly interconnect managed circular developments and projects by encouraging cooperation. Representatives of the county, the communities, organizations, companies and research institutes form the 'engine' of the circular economy. These activities seem to be bearing fruit. As may in Nijmegen 2018 carry the prestigious title of European Green Capital, Start waste company ARN Weurt this fall with the recycling of incontinence pads and invests waste company AVR in Duiven in large-scale CO2 capture, which is used by horticultural Next Garden in Lingewaard. The circular cycle of Zevenaar won, made of elephant grass, Earlier this year, the Purchase Price Wise 2018 the national government. The municipality of Zevenaar was thereby praised for its cooperation with external partners.

Goede samenwerking

Carla Currency, councilor in the municipality Zevenaar and member of the alderman consultation Sustainability of the Region Arnhem Nijmegen was awarded the prize: "Our region is extremely happy with the Award. We were all proud of the nomination for this prestigious award, but winning is all top. With this we see our efforts rewarded. This is only succeeded by the good cooperation with the people, de Provincie, industry and research institutions. "

This drive is easy to see on IPKW in Arnhem where companies come together and work on innovative and sustainable applications. Kevin rich, Director of the IPKW, of her top 3 Positie: "We're here for eternity and the reasons why we set everything as sustainable as possible. Whether it comes to the field, buildings or commodities. But the example also applies to energy and even knowledge: All output is potential input for something new. We work every day to the park more beautiful, greening and durable and are very proud of this great prize. "

Over de Circular Economy Awards

De Circular Economy Awards worden in 2018 awarded for the second time by BT Magazine, the magazine on regional innovation and business climate, ABN AMRO en IN 2017 Friesland won Circular take the title for best region as Plug-In City of Eindhoven for the title best job site home. Arnhem Nijmegen region was 2017 even though one of the nominated regions. Last year, the region has worked hard on the aforementioned improvement in the jury. There is contacted winner Circular Friesland to learn from their successes.

IN 2018 there were a total 22 Dutch regions 21 nominated work locations. In October it was announced that both IPKW as a region Arnhem Nijmegen the top three had met. IPKW was up against industrial C-mill in Heerlen and Utrecht Werkspoor Quarter. Haarlemmermeer municipality and the municipality Ooststellingwerf were competitors of the Region Arnhem Nijmegen.